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Chapter 1 - Falling


"This is going to be great, isn't it, Summer?" Ben smiled at his best friend and partner from his place on his Staraptor beside her. "Just this big, beautiful archipelago and the two of us…" At his trailing, he began to stare off into the Oblivia region clouds dreamily.

Summer blushed brightly at his facial expression and what he had said. "Remember what we're really here for, Ben," she warned. "We're not here to relax, we're here to protect Oblivia and look into this Pokemon Pincher case."

"Aw, Summer, no need to be so serious," he snapped back into reality. "It's not like we're going to be up and at it twenty four-seven."

"That's what you think," she gave him a small, playful smile, denoting that she wasn't thinking too seriously of their task. As far as both of them were concerned, the Pinchers weren't any sort of serious threat, and they would be sorted out by the end of the next week.

The two flew a little longer in silence, before Ben reached into his back pocket and pulled out a map of the expansion of islands and sea below them. "I hate that our Stylers have been malfunctioning… so… we're headed to… Renbow Island, which is right--"


The two rangers flew around to see a bright red Pokemon flying directly towards them, a panicked look etched across its face.

"Get out of the way!" Ben shouted as it flew closer to them. Summer followed his order suit, the Pokemon almost catching the corner of her Staraptor's wing in its rush. When all seemed clear, she sighed, flying back into the closer formation she had with Ben beforehand.

"That was… Latias," she murmured, not quite believing what she had just seen. And indeed, it had been the Legendary Eon Pokemon herself. But why had she seemed so frightened? "Do you think we should go after her and calm her down?"

Her fellow ranger was about to open his mouth to speak, when out of nowhere, two machines flew out from behind them, smashing past their Staraptors and in the direction Latias had gone. In quickly became apparent that the two had a new objective to finish before they could safely land on Renbow Island's sand.

Nodding at each other, they raced off after the strange vehicles and their drivers, urging their bird Pokemon to speed up just a little more each time the machines zoomed forward. Just when they both thought their Staraptors were ready to collapse to the ocean out of exhaustion, they saw the two strange flying machines chasing after Latias, with one of their drivers cackling, "We've got you now!"

Ben allowed Summer to have first word. "Now who do you think you've got?"

The machines' drivers stiffened and turned. "Rangers! Really!?" one of them spat.

"Answer her!" Ben commanded.

"It's really none of your business, so bug off!" the taller one of them spat.

"We're rangers, we make it our business," Summer smirked.

"Fine then," the shorter one smirked back. "You wanna get involved, you're gonna pay." He thrust out his hand, where a funny-looking contraption was fastened to his wrist. A second later, below the rangers, a small flock of Pidgeys emerged from beneath the clouds.

Summer nodded at Ben, who stayed behind and captured the Pidgeys while she went ahead after the two strange men. He finished easily, and flying up to her, he noticed that with Summer yelling at them, she was allowing Latias time to get away.

One of the men also noticed, and began to wail, "Oh, great! Now look at what you've done!"

His partner turned to see what he was yelling about, and joined in. "Do you know how hard it was to locate Latias?" Ben was just about to fly over to Summer to high five her, when one of them smirked.

"Hey, buddy," he directed his smirk towards his friend. "Do you think maybe we should teach these two little pesky rangers a lesson?"

It took a second for his friend to catch on, but when he did, he smiled evilly and nodded, "Why not?"

Ben and Summer gave each other looks - this couldn't be good. Ben opened his mouth to speak, but was stopped by a powerful beam being shot in between the two rangers. "What the--!"

An array of blue and pink ball-shaped beams were shot at the rangers, forcing them to fly all over the sky to avoid them. When it seemed that the air assault had finished, they flew back into formation on their drifting Staraptors.

From behind them, yet another person joined in. It was a man with blond hair and red eyes, who wore his own ever-present smirk. "What is going on here!?" he demanded at the two other men.

One of them cowered back and stuttered, "R-rangers, sir."

The man with red eyes, who was on his own, specially-colored contraption, turned towards Ben and Summer and growled something inaudible. "So, you want to get involved, do you?"

"It's our job, too," answered Summer back. "We can't let you go around hurting innocent Pokemon for no reason."

"Fine, then. Just remember that you started it," he flipped his hair back arrogantly, and pressed a button on his own machine. Ben, who was the closest to it, had to cover his eyes with his arm because of the heat that the machine was emanating. "And that you end here!" the red-eyed man finished, thrusting his hand forward.

Summer, through the bright light and heat the machine was giving off, noticed that it was yet another ball-shaped beam being formed - except this time, it was at least ten times bigger than before, and aimed directly for Ben.

Just when the red-eyed man was about to shoot it at her partner, she did the first thing that jumped into her head - protect him. Flying in front of Ben, the big, shining ball of power hit Summer full force, and with a piercing scream, she fell from her Staraptor's back and to the ocean depths below.

"Summer!" Ben shouted at her retreating form below him.

Soon he couldn't see any sign of her, except for the Staraptor she had been riding flying away. He was just about to fly after her when he heard a snicker from in front of him, and he turned his watery glare towards the red-eyed man. Breathing in shakily, he knew that his job wasn't to protect Summer, but protect Pokemon. Besides, she could take care of herself, right?

"How courageous, taking the hit for you," the man shook his head, crossing his arms. "But a waste of a sacrifice, isn't it? Because we're taking you in, anyway."

Ben felt a sudden aching in his chest - one of loss. Did this mean that…? No, no, it didn't. Summer was absolutely fine. But still, the young ranger was rendered almost useless by his worry for his partner, any so with little difficulty, the three mysterious men managed to take Ben and his Staraptor into captive.
Okay, so two weeks ago, I got Pokemon Rangers: Guardian Signs (I :heart: the Ranger games!), and I fell in love with the pairing of Ben/Summer, or ObliviaShipping! :love: They are just so cute with their interactions in the game.

And because there are barely any ObliviaShipping fics out there paired with my runaway imagination, I decided to do this.

These interactions are based on the game, but I tweaked them so that they are a little more fan-friendly in the romance department. :eyes: No! XD There will be none of that in this story - just lots and lots o' fluffiness. :meow:

And I know that this chapter was short, but I want to say now, I don't know what the normal length for chapters will be. Some could be pretty lengthy, while others could be shorter. This is obviously a shorter one. But whatever. The shorter the better, because I always find longer chapters are easy to lose attention span on.

Also, I know that there wasn't a lot of ObliviaShipping in this chapter, per se, but more will come in future chapters. This just kind of provided a setting for more chapter to be based upon.

First chapter: You're here! :D
Next chapter: [link]
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